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Values & Fabrics


There is no point in making more clothes in this world. But since we are anyway buying new clothes, I think it is important to offer better options than fast fashion produced overseas by abusing people and environment. Trying to do things right is the best way to point out how badly things have gone wrong in the fashion industry.

With FECC I like to keep things simple. I make every piece myself, so I don´t have to worry about anyone else suffering because of my products. I also believe that the best way to make your wardrobe more sustainable is to use the clothes you already have and to buy only favorite clothes. So, I do my best to design long lasting products that you want to wear over and over again. This requires the garment to be well fitting, adjustable and comfortable, the fabric should be durable and easy to take care of, and the design should be timeless (stylish but not too trendy) and suitable for different occasions. 

The materials are the biggest blind spot with FECC. It is impossible for a small company to get firsthand information about where the fabrics and the fibers come from, and what kind of environmental and social effects they have. I source materials from reliable European vendors, most of them specialized in ecological fabrics and I just have to trust that they have done their research. Also by choosing right textile fibers like hemp, lyocell or linen, you can be pretty sure that there´s not too much harm to the environment. I also tend to ask a lot of question from the vendors about the production of the fabrics. Sometimes they don´t know everything, but I believe that making question causes them pressure to be more open, and to ask more question from the manufacturers.

If you have any question about FECC or the materials, feel free to contact me.

If I don´t know the answer, I´ll do my best to figure it out!


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