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The process of creating a garment or a collection is a lot more than just designing and sewing.

I start a new collection by sourcing material samples and sketching. It is hard for me to identify where I get the inspiration, the shapes and colors just start to form in my head, usually while I´m sewing the previous collection. When I start sketching, I just draw almost ready ideas down. Also the available materials and customers comments of previous products affect the designs a lot.

When I roughly know what I´m going to do, I order the fabrics and start making patterns and prototypes. I fit the prototypes on my friends and make adjustments to the patterns. When the fabrics have arrived I make one more sample of each product, fit them again and wash them to find out if they shrink. Then I make the last adjustments. When the basic sized patterns are ready, I start grading the sizes. (I do all this by hand, not with computer.) I also order or make care labels and hang tags.

 Then starts the cutting. I move our furniture away and lay several layers of fabric on the floor. By layering I can cut several pieces at the same time. Then I start placing the patterns on the fabric as tight as possible to avoid wasting material. For cutting I use an old fabric cutter with round blade and scissors. Cutting one collection takes several weeks.

Finally, when the cutting is done, the sewing starts. I make the clothes in small series, for example one size of one color at the time. Sewing one collection takes several months. 

When I have all the garments in suitable sizes, I arrange a photo shoot with my friends, normally in our living room. And finally, when I have enough products, I publish the collection online and send it to my retailers.  

I wish every garment finds a loving home.


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